Property Management – A Complete Solution for NRI Homeowners


Being a homeowner with tenants is not always a smooth running affair. There are many duties and responsibilities involved, and you will always need to keep an eye out for maintenance related costs. Now imagine this scenario when you are a thousand miles away from your property. Sounds like a headache doesn’t it?

As an NRI homeowner, there are always these nightmare situations you may fear which require your physical presence at your Indian property. It becomes a heavy drain on your own resources, be it money or time. NRI homeowners will always have certain apprehensions about how the tenancy is going along; distance does that, it is completely natural.

This is when you need the home management professionals to step in. Outsource your concerns to trusted and proven property management specialists like Nestaway and have a hassle-free and smooth ownership experience.

No Travelling

The number one advantage of signing up for a property management service is that you no longer need to travel to your house unnecessarily. Property management provides an end-to-end solution, and all your paperwork is taken care of remotely. All you need to do is eSign the necessary paperwork to maintain compliance with local regulations and laws.

Professional Handling

Usually, NRI homeowners will have an informal network of relatives or friends to depend on to attend to the property. Sometimes this role is taken on by a broker. At times though, your friends and relatives might not have the time and resources to attend to issues in the house, and this leads to a lot of stress and multiple rounds of communication. Brokers will have an agenda of maximising their own commission so you will rarely be assured of a fair market price.

Streamlined and Transparent Processes

Tenant verification is a very important process, and a NRI property management services in Bangalore will get all this done following all the guidelines. You can track the proceedings online. All the rental agreements and procedures are constantly updated ensuring complete visibility for you.

House protection is also an important part of maintaining a rental home. With Nestaway’s property management service, you can enjoy professional cleaning and a variety of maintenance services. Property insurance is another safeguard that all NRI homeowners should have. Nestaway includes this in the services portfolio.

Choose a Plan, Sit Back and Collect Your Rent

Getting in touch with the right professionals is as easy as filling in a simple form or reaching out by phone. There are also multiple management plans customised to suit different requirements and property types. After homing in on the preferred plan, you just need to sign a final agreement. In no time, you can start collecting your rent without a worry.

Nestaway is a brand that is growing by its consistent and high standards. As a property owner, you too can benefit from the professionalism and industry expertise that the company offers.